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11 Threats to You, Your Family, and Your Assets

Planning for the 2nd Half of Life in These Political and Economic Times...

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Before you get a Will, Trust, or Estate Plan...

You should know that all plans are not created equal. Most plans do not protect your assets completely and will not work as you intended them to when the time comes! Attend this free seminar to discover:

✔️How to maximize the assets you leave to your children... and protect their inheritance from greedy spouses or creditors.

✔️Why putting your house or bank accounts in your children's names may be one of the biggest mistakes you ever make!

✔️How your plan can specifically address the different needs of your loved ones now, and adjust to their changing needs even after you're gone.

✔️Veterans benefits that most people know nothing about.

✔️How to avoid having your life savings wiped out by long-term care costs without purchasing long-term care insurance.

✔️Why your power of attorney may be *powerless* to protect you and your family... and what you must do about it.


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"If you are reading this, you must have some interest, so go to one of their free seminars and start getting your plans on track." —Ken, Raleigh

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